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Education provides children with opportunities to escape poverty, gain a voice in their community and experience a better quality of life. But worldwide, more than 120 million children are unable to attend school.

  • In 2021, we donated more than £2,600 towards educational programmes in Batticaloa, Mullaitheevu, Colombo and Vellore. Rev Karunanithi, Rev Suresh Paul, Sis Malini and Rev Kathireson coordinated these projects for Bridge of Love
  • We run an Evening Study programme for the slum children in Pittakotte, Colombo. We are renting a hall to conduct educational and religious activities for the people who live in slum areas in Pita Kotte. We donated more than £1,400 for this project in 2020.
  • Tuition for Untouchables: Dalit also called Outcasts, are group of people traditionally regarded as Untouchables. While the discrimination based on caste system (not the caste system itself) has been abolished under the Indian constitution, there is still discrimination and prejudice against Dalits. Jayakumar, a social worker, and his wife have been providing free evening tuition for the poor outcaste children in Trichy, South India for more than nine years.  We contributed more than £200 of financial assistance towards the running of this excellent community service in 2020.
  • Due to the closest local government school being situated 4 Km away, most kids in the two remote villages in Puthukkudiyirrupu, Sri Lanka had to walk to school and only attended school 2 or 3 days a week. Some didn’t go to school at all due to the lack of transport. Transportation via a three wheeler was initiated and organised by the Centre of Hope and Bridge of Love financially supports this worthwhile project. We contributed more than £200 of financial assistance towards this transportation project in 2020.
  • In total, we sent £6,963 in 2020 for educational projects. (This includes £5,000 raised in 2019 for the Evening Study programme for the underprivileged children Urumpirai, Jaffna).


Pitakotte Children

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