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  • In 2022, we donated more than £325 for victims of the domestic abuse in Mullaitivu. Sis Malini is our local project coordinator
  • In 2021, We donated more than £225 for the victims of the domestic abuse in Mulaaitheevu. Sis Malini is our local project coordinator.


Slum Dwellers – Beddagana, PitaKotte

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Proverbs 31:8

On 26 Jul 2015, slum dwellers (22 Tamil Christian families / persecuted Christians – living in 17 huts) living in Beddagana were evicted from the place where they’ve been staying for over 40 years.

These people were living in dreadful conditions in this slum, where there was no electricity or proper sanitation facilities. In addition, they received continuous eviction threats from the extremists/ Land owners. With Br Jonathan Eden’s help we managed to rent a hall in 2009, and these slum dwellers were able to continue their educational and religious activities with freedom in a far better environment. By the grace of God, Bridge of Love has been able to continue this support since 2010. In addition, we have been providing monthly financial support for the poor widows and their children who are among the affected for more than five years.


On the day of their eviction, some politicians promised these victims another piece of land to settle, assuring their safety. Trusting the politicians’ guidance, the affected families started building their huts on the promised land only to be demolished again on 27 Jul 2015.

It has been more than five months since their eviction and the victims have tried their best to get help from the government, local Churches and organisations, but are unsuccessful in their efforts to find any assistance so far. Their Church members are temporarily accommodating theses victims and are finding it extremely difficult to cope, as they too are poor and do not have proper housing for themselves. Bridge of Love is currently providing emergency relief for these victims and is exploring ways to find a solution (short term/ Long term) for their homelessness.

Please pray earnestly for God’s guidance, favour, protection and provision.