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bol LOGOBRIDGE OF LOVE (BOL) is a non-profit organisation and a registered UK Charity.

It is a community based Christian outreach work of Emmanuel Tamil Christian Fellowship, London. Rev G I Ebenezer is our Chairman.

Soup, Soap & Salvation

Reaching out to the oppressed in their struggles with our King’s love and building a BRIDGE to the afflicted from the Church is our ultimate goal.


The Trust was started for the purpose of protecting and supporting those who are oppressed, especially widows and orphans. The trustees have been involved themselves in various issues to safeguard the interests of poor people who are often the victims of civil war and present developmental trends.

Bridge of Love confines itself to community development in the Northern and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka and the tribal areas in Tamil Nadu, South India. Over the past thirteen years we have been financially supporting registered local organisations and Churches who work among the oppressed, broken & abandoned, poor & needy, widows, orphans/ semi orphans, child labour victims and war victims in Sri Lanka and India.

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We reach out to …

Widows & Orphans 

Poor, Sick & Needy

Child labour victims

War/ Tsunami Victims

Persecuted Christians

Slum-dwellers / Children of prostitutes

Dalits/Outcaste/ Untouchable

Over the past twenty one years we have sent more than £750,000 for our projects. Please see Our Causes BridgeofLove for more detail.

Bridge of Love – Reaching the Unreachable and Touching the Untouchable !

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