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Our Lord has graciously blessed Bridge of Love ministry and now we are providing regular monthly financial support to many children and widows. We feel that a regular gift to organisations is the most valuable aid. Regular gifts mean that the organisations we support can plan ahead their short term and long-term development needs. In addition to our regular financial support, whenever there is a specific need, we assess it and approach individuals & organisations for aid and financial help. We also organise special programmes to raise money. We then channel these funds to different organisations to meet their needs. We try our best to ensure that the organisations we support are genuine.


In 2005 we received £43,933.43 and sent £40,503.29 for our projects, which includes around £30,000 Tsunami Relief. Last year we sent around £24,000 for these projects. We sincerely thank you for your invaluable prayers and financial support which has enabled us to be in this position. May the Lord Almighty abundantly bless you and may He enlarge our territory through your support !


Naayagan CD was produced in 2006 to promote Bridge of Love’s objectives and to raise funds for our relief projects. It’s a breathtaking musical journey with variety and quality songs. Please visit www.naayagn.org to learn more. Please contact us if you can help us in marketing this CD. Jacinth & Jay contributed £300 from the sale of their CD, Kanneer Pookkal. An extremely talented musician and BOL donor, Prashan Jeyatheepam, is producing another fantastic CD for Bridge Love.