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Bridge of Love confines itself to community development in the Northern and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka and the tribal areas in Tamil Nadu, South India. Over the past seven and a half years we have been financially supporting registered local organisations and Churches who work among the oppressed, broken & abandoned, poor & needy, widows, orphans/ semi orphans, child labour victims and war victims in Sri Lanka and India.
We are providing regular monthly financial support to most of our projects. In addition to our regular financial support, whenever there is a specific need, we assess it and approach individuals & organisations for aid and financial help. We then channel these funds to different trustworthy organisations to meet their needs. We try our best to ensure that the organisations we support are genuine.
In 2012 we received £53,144 and sent £52,602 for our projects. 2012 Project details (including financial information) are covered in the summary of main achievements section